Code of ethics and anti-corruption
Code of ethics and anti-corruption

Code of ethics and anti-corruption

Company MAXPROGRESS, s.r.o.

Dear employees, co-workers and business partners,

MAXPROGRES, s.r.o. In all its activities, it pays close attention to adhering to ethical behavior, developing positive relationships with business partners and customers, adhering to the rules of fair trade and preventing crime. We believe that only by maintaining these values ​​is it possible to achieve a quality and sustainable business environment within which we can develop our products and services and achieve the highest possible quality, safety and reliability.

Adherence to ethical and anti-corruption rules is required by MAXPROGRES, s.r.o. from all its employees and other persons acting on behalf of the Company, as well as from persons with whom it enters into business relationships.

In order to protect and promote the above values, MAXPROGRES, s.r.o. a comprehensive compliance program, focused primarily on the prevention of possible infringements, their detection and the derivation of appropriate consequences. An integral part of the compliance program is also the Code of Ethics and Anti-Corruption, by which the company MAXPROGRES, s.r.o. unambiguously reports the stated values ​​and which is available for download below.

We believe that if these values ​​are adhered to and further developed, a favorable business environment and thus the further development of our company will be supported.

Ing. Jiří Suchánek, Executive Officer

Code of ethics and anti-corruption MAXPROGRES, s.r.o.

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