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Networks’ security

A safe and secure environment which does not allow any breach of communication is set up for all agendas of the technical protection systems (STO). This environment consists of a set of measures, technologies and a use of certified protection protocols. The data communication of the technical-protection-system (STO) agendas is separate from the other data traffic (subnetting), and also managed and secured by a combination of a secure allocation of IP addresses (designated DHCP server) and application of the 802.1X protocol. In addition, the data communication of the technical-protection-system (STO) agendas is also protected by a surveillance system that regularly checks the consistency of all the network’s properties, it does not allow any unauthorised access and in the event of an anomaly or attack, it automatically processes the incident and informs the technical-protection-system (STO) administrators.

The following regulation applies - who secures the technical-protection systems (STO) must also be safeguarded.

Graphic extension

We are a GOLD PARTNER of the C4 graphic extension system. Extension C4 is a flexible, integrating protection system that provides a centralised, multi-user interface for the management of security objects. Thanks to its open architecture, it can accommodate specific requirements of small and large installations.


Prominent partners


      Gamanet a.s.
      Johnson Controls (camera systems)
        Sentry Way (moveable cameras)
        Siemens (camera systems, COTAG, SiPass Integrated)
      TACTICAWARE, s.r.o.
      TEB SAS


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